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Personal message from Psychologist Ruth Perednik:

My life's work has been helping children and teens speak and communicate more freely in all of the settings of their life. I developed a step-by-step effective method that has helped thousands of children worldwide overcome selective mutism.  Once a child overcomes his SM and speaks, he usually feels so much more confident and competent, setting off a ripple effect of improved general functioning and feelings of well being, This is my mission and passion. Schedule an initial free 30 minute consultation with our staff,  so we can plan how to help your child.

Here's a sample of feedback we've got from satisfied parents:

"My 15 year old Lee has had SM all his life, and we have been unable to help him.  He is suffering so much. Two months ago we saw that Lee's sister Sara (6 years old) was going down the same path. After working with you for 2 months she is well on her way to overcoming her SM. If only we had known about you and your wonderful methods for Lee!" (We will begin working with Lee after the holidays –T.S.)

Caron .Z Caron .Z

"Marty didn’t speak all year in Kindergarten and didn't cooperate or join in any kindergarten activity throughout the day. Six weeks before the end of the year we had our first session with Ruth, and she built a treatment plan with us.  By the time we reached the end of the year, Marty was talking to all the children in the kindergarten, joined in almost all the activities and was much more sure of himself and his abilities!  We don’t have words to thank Ruth and to describe how Marty's quality of life has skyrocketed! "

Rony F. Rony F.
Shana H. Shana H.

"We reached you after three years in which Harry didn’t talk to anyone in kindergarten and was so frustrated and difficult at home. We had tried different therapies, none of which helped. As soon as we spoke with you, we realized that we had come to the right place! And we were right – thanks to your help and guidance, Harry has gone so far – he is happy, communicative, natural and relaxed in kindergarten.  He still is not the loudest boy in kindergarten, but he is so much improved, we are thrilled.  Thank you more than words can express!"

Annet P. Annet P.

"Around every other week, Ruth and I would go over the plans for the weeks upcoming therapy sessions and she would walk me through exactly what activities I should be doing, as well as different ways that I would be able to help the child to feel more comfortable to speak. Ruth was not only an incredible mentor and someone to look up to throughout my time working with her, but also really helped give me the confidence in all the work that I was to do, which of course was the reason that led to the overall success of the sessions that I gave over."

"A few months ago I recommended to David's parents to try your course. Since then he has had meteoric progress, he talks in the kindergarten spontaneously, and is really blossoming. It is so very moving to see!"

Sara (a kindergarten teacher) Sara (a kindergarten teacher)
Nelly Nelly

" T. didn't speak during three years of kindergarten. In her final kindergarten year she was punished for not speaking and thoroughly misunderstood. After one session, Ruth told the kindergarten staff that T. was a normal child! That was one of the happiest days of my life. Ruth worked with professionalism and sensitivity, and now T. is one of the biggest chatterboxes in her class!"

U.P. U.P.

"Yesterday (after our first one-on-one session) was beyond our best hopes. We appreciated your understanding, experience, guidance and action plan." 

"Our David (8 years old) didn’t speak to anyone in his school, cried daily and was due to be placed in a special ed school because everyone thought he had deep emotional problems. I for one did not believe we could turn the tide.  But after our work with you, David speaks to everyone in kindergarten, he is social, participates in everything, and is so much happier!  What would we have done without your help!"

Debbie G Debbie G

Psychologist Ruth Perednik

Is a pioneer in the field of treating SM in the child's natural settings - in the home, school, relatives' homes, doctors' clinics etc. She has specialized in child anxiety disorders and selective mutism for over two decades and runs municipal and private clinics, has published and lectured widely on SM.  She has developed an effective treatment for SM, which has helped hundreds of children overcome SM, both through direct intervention by parents, teachers and therapists, and utilizing her online treatment intervention. She is a sought after speaker and therapist internationally. She is the author of "The Selective Mutism Treatment Guide: manuals for Parents, Teachers and Therapists", which has been translated to several languages.

Ruth Perednik has been invaluable in treating our son's selective mutism. Her protocol, used both privately and within the school setting, has resulted in amazing progress. He is happier and we are so proud of his efforts to overcome this challenge. Thanks to Ruth for giving him confidence in both social and academic settings.

Sharon U. Sharon U.