How we can help you – we offer the following services:

Online selective mutism course:  Helping your child overcome Selective mutism

We offer a two month long comprehensive online course to help your child overcome SM.  It includes nine sessions which cover the definition and characteristics of SM, assessment, treatment options; interventions by parents, teachers and key-workers or therapists; helping younger children and teens.  It comes either as a package with three skypes sessions to keep the assessment and interventions on track, or as an internet course without the skype sessions.


Workshops and lectures for parents, teachers and therapists:

Contact me to receive flyers of recent workshops and lectures I have given to parents, teachers and\or therapists.  Subjects include assessment and treatment, treating young children, treating older children and teens, and language issues with SM.

Intensive – one week interventions:

Intensive work over the course of a week with the child in all of his/her day to day environments – home, school, and outside the home - can bring dramatic results. This is a behavioral or cognitive-behavioral intervention.

Skype consultations:

Skype or phone consultations include one-time consultations in order to consider assessment and treatment options with parents or with school staff or therapists.  I also offer ongoing regular skype sessions to guide parents' teachers' or therapists' interventions.


Consultation or treatment sessions:

Contact us to schedule a session.

Book:  Selective Mutism Treatment Guide:  Manuals for Parents, Teachers and Therapists.  Still Waters Run Deep.  Currently available in English and Hebrew

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