The Anxiety And Selective Mutism Treatment Center

Selective mutism is a childhood social communication disorder in which children consistently fail to speak in select situations, despite the ability to understand and to use language. Children with SM usually speak to family members at home, but do not speak at kindergarten or school. The speech patterns of each SM child vary along a continuum of severity – from children who speak to everyone outside school, and select peers in school, through children who fail to speak to everyone in school, peers and staff. Some will not speak to anyone outside their home, or to only certain family members inside their home, and a rare few do not speak to family members inside the home. Onset usually occurs between the ages of 4 to 8, and in rare cases it may continue until the teen years, young
adulthood or even adulthood.

When left untreated – as is frequently the case with anxiety based disorders, where the patient causes little disruption to his surroundings, but great suffering to himself – SM can develop into a generalized anxiety disorder, a social anxiety disorder, or depression, thus affecting the life of the patient and the happiness of his family. Therefore, early intervention is vital. In addition, with young children, early symptom removal enables the child to return to the normative developmental track, where he will see himself, and be seen by others as a regular child. This has a great impact on the child’s self image, confidence, social experience and development.



选择性缄默症(SM)是一种儿童社交沟通障碍:孩子尽管有能力理解和使用语言,但在特定情况下始终不能说话。患有SM的儿童通常在家中与家人交谈,但不在幼儿园或学校讲话。每个SM儿童的言语模式在严重程度上都有所不同 -- 有些孩子在校外能够跟每个人都讲话,在校内只跟几个特定的同学讲话; 有些孩子在学校不跟任何人说话,包括同学和学校员工;有些孩子不会在家门外跟任何人交谈,或者在家里只跟特定的几个家人说话;少数患者在家里都不和家人说话。SM通常发病于4至8岁之间,并且在极少数情况下可能持续到青少年时期,青年期,甚至成年期。

如果不进行治疗- 正如其他基于焦虑的疾病,SM的患者对周围环境几乎不造成干扰,但对自己造成很大的痛苦 -SM会发展成广泛性焦虑症,社交焦虑症或忧郁症,从而影响孩子的一生和家人的幸福。因此,早期干预至关重要。此外,对于幼儿,尽早消除SM症状使孩子能够回到正常的发展轨道,他将被自己和别人都视为正常的孩子。这对孩子的自我形象,信心,社会经验和发展产生了很大的影响。

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